Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getting Life Started Again

Last week's funeral left us feeling quite lost. We have been pottering around and have a new vergie garden waiting for me to plant seedlings tonight. Have been working on my favourite knits - tea cosies. This grey cosy has yellow and white flowers and some vintage flower buttons given to me by a dear friend Terri.
A dark navy/grey tea cosy with a knitted and felted flowers, beads and braid.

The Hawthorne trees come into blossom with quite a flurry. One day they are green leaves only, then wake up next morning and some trees are all white. Then a few days later the pink blossom appears on the remaining trees. Same time, same routine each year.

And what does a Portuguese Water Dog do on a hot day when he sees the creek? Darwin just loves a swim. The creek was covered in Hawthorne blossom petals but not for long with Darwin splashing.

The clouds have covered the blue sky and reduced some of the heat this afternoon. Time for me to go to the studio and make some small dolls. Last night I cast on to knit a pair of socks although I really must finish the scarf this week. I am only knitting one sock at a time. Think I'd get in a tangle with 2 socks on one circular needle. However if I can find a second circular needle in the correct size I may work on the two socks alternately as I hate having one sock finished and then have to start all over again.

1 comment:

darwinstorm said...

Trust Darwin to mess up something pretty. I hope that he is being sensible and not sunbaking today. It is too hot.

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