Monday, November 2, 2009

Feeling Lost

I am way behind in my work. Amidst the sadness of losing Michele I have been just working on whatever comes my way. So lots of colourful fleece which needs to be weighed and packaged.

We are in the strange time between death and the funeral. Lots of emotions, memories and I must say exhaustion. I really cherish the most supportive care and love from family and friends. Although we had known for some time that Michele's cancer was terminal it has not softened the blow.

And I made some bootees for little toes. There are lots of small projects to finish. Today I am sorting the shop, labelling yarn and being creative with the colours. Tomorrow I hope is a finishing day.

And then there is the house. Piles of clothes to put away, some food to be cooked, and a general tidy. What do I want to wear to the funeral???

And we won't discuss the vegie garden, I have pulled weeds from half so I should have that finished this week.


colleen said...

Very sad time for you, best wishes to you all. Keep your memories in your heart and bring them out when you need them. These are what will keep you going.

Missymaomao said...

Thinking of you and yours at this time.

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