Monday, October 19, 2009

My Favourite Blossom

Each year I wait for my favourite blossom. I have 3 quince trees which provide us with quinces some years and not others, depending on the winds in October. So far so good this year.

Mopsy our dog comes home from the breeder this week. These are two of the rascals. It was impossible to get all nine puppies together for a family group photo. Mopsy is so over her puppies and I'm sure will be glad to come back to the quieter farm life. Darwin is missing Mopsy but as Darwin has taken over Mopsy's kennel who knows what sort of welcome there will be. They certainly both won't fit in the one kennel.

This little chap was in a bucket hiding under another bucket. Rather difficult to get a photo of a frog in a bucket. Frogs are returning to this area and can be rather noisy.
I'm off to the felting studio to make some felt squares for upcoming markets. Have a few ideas so will take some photos of finished pieces. No shortage of materials here, just the time to get things done. Have washed fleece today and have spread it out to dry in the sun.

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