Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just a Peek

Taffy and Anna's wedding is just over a week away.  I have been making the decorations for the end of the pews - 14 of them.  I showed Anna the idea and then purchased the fabric.  There was  just enough of the fabric I wanted remaining on the roll and I couldn't find any more the same "white".  Then I froze.  What if I stuff up?

Finally I picked up the scissors and off I went.  The decorations are nearly finished - hopefully tonight I will put them in the box.  I'm off to the studio again to sew some more.  The sewing machine had a hissy fit this morning and my heat sank.  The bobbin case popped out as it has before.  I'm not sure how I fix it but I can.  It takes a while and I guess it took longer this time as I began to panic.  My machine is an old Singer and I wouldn't change it for the world.  Maybe time for a service though.

So just a peek at the bits and bobs still to be assembled.  Can show you the finished pieces after the wedding as some of you will be at the wedding.

Not much more to do before the wedding.  Taffy and Anna have worked well organising the special day.  Brie is a bridesmaid and we have to collect her dress next week.  Probably a good idea to "wear in" the new shoes.

And I hope that the day is not too hot - I don't do heat!  But the weather is not important, not important at all.  As I have been sewing I have been thinking that there must be many couples in Christchurch whose wedding plans have been totally destroyed.  Family members lost, wedding dresses ruined, the church destroyed. 

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colleen said...

Looks great. Look forward to seeing the finished product after the wedding. Hope you all have a great day.
I believe one couple in NZ had ta successful wedding despite the traumas of being trapped.

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