Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Beauty of Nature

No photos.  You know how often you see wonderful things and either you don't have your camera or the camera would spoil the moment.

Today I have farm chores to do as well as some gardening.  On my way to getting some straw for the chook (chicken) shed I stopped by the dam to see how many leaves are on our water lily plant.  While standing on the side of the dam 2 Pacific ducks arrived for their morning swim.  I stood motionless and they didn't realise I was there.  The ducks chatted to each other as they swam and splashed.  If I had a camera the movement would have ended the occasion.

On Sunday when driving to the train station on my way to the market the fog lifted just as I was leaving.  The grass is very tall after all the rain and there is the occasional extra tall blade of grass. As the fog lifted I could see hundreds of spider webs strung between the extra tall grass.  The sun caught the delicate webs as the breeze slightly added to the shimmer.  This time although  I did have my camera I decide just to enjoy nature.

1 comment:

baukje said...

Thank you, by the way you described these experience i perfectly can imagine the beauty of nature!!

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