Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Brooches

Yesterday I showed you the length of Guatemalan braid I have been treasuring for years.  I met with Marilyn and we chatted about the best way to use the braid.  Originally I had thought of the braid as a whole but as I looked at it there are so many stories woven in the length.  So brooches were the go.  And here are a couple I have ready for the Buninyong Makers Market on Saturday.

And in the box of goodies where I keep things until I can find a special use I found some textured handmade paper.  I have used the paper to display the brooches.


Missymaomao said...

They look fantastic. I hope the market goes well.

planettreasures said...

The brooches are lovely.
such a good idea.
I hope they are well received.

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