Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday. Having a quiet one........

The sheep are staying close to the house today.  They must be fed up with the mud every time they sit down. Although I can see more threatening clouds the sheep haven't lifted their heads from the grass for most of the day.  Sadly one sheep drowned on Saturday.  I put all the sheep on the high ground but there is always one who thinks he (in this case it was a he) knows better. 

On Saturday I drove as far as Creswick on the way tot he Daylesford Makers Market and that is as far as I went.  I had to turn around and come home.  So I'll be back at Daylesford on the first Saturday next month.  As well as rug  weaving I"m adding  Tea Cosies to my website today and to  Etsy  tonight or tomorrow.  This morning I spent time in the studio taking photos.

Hope those in flood areas are safe and haven't suffered too much damage.  There is always so much cleaning up to do when the water recedes


Darwinstorm said...

All this water reminds me of what it was like when I was growing up and it actually rained in winter unlike the last few years.

Sad about sheep - sometimes they make silly choices.

colleen said...

Sad about the sheep, they do make bad decisions at times. Mine don't know where to put their feet either. They don't seem very interested in their grain although eat it and then head for a bit of higher ground which is not very high. Nice to have the winter rain but better if some time to dry out. I didn't get in the car for the Nagambie Market, I rang early and was told wet and miserable, go back to bed. Good decision.

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