Monday, August 2, 2010

Winter Creek

Along the lower edge of our property we are lucky enough to have a small creek named Winter Creek.  This creek is home to native white tail water rats, ducks, fresh water snails, eels, golden perch and lots more wildlife we are yet to find I'm sure 

Previous owners of this land planted Hawthorn trees along the creek and that's how my business became Hawthorne Cottage.

One of the hawthorn trees on the creek

The creek has enjoyed the winter rains

A lichen masterpiece

Now I'm going to put on my gumboots and take a photo of the flooded creek.

This is one end of our road.  The black mark is a rubbish bin someone has dumped in our creek - full of rubbish.

The sun is shining but the wind is icy.

Another tea cosy day.  I'll be at Yarraville market next weekend so I'll be back to should you some more tea cosies soon.

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