Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Celebrations this week.

 At the weekend our family celebrated T & A's engagement at a party in Melbourne.  It was a fun party and a joy to see such a happy couple.

Sunday was market day - I had a busy day and must admit I slept on the train coming home.
This photo of Mopsy and a puppy or two was taken by the Portuguese Water Dog breeder Jane.  Mopsy came home yesterday much to the delight of Darwin.  I took both dogs for a walk this morning and there was much excitement.  Mopsy was pleased to leave her puppies.  They have grown up quickly and will be off to their new owners in a couple of weeks.  All the puppies are sold.

Today I'm dyeing fleece, tops and yarn.  It is quite breezy outside so drying will not be a problem. So back to the dye pot.

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