Thursday, February 6, 2014

This Week's Tea Cosies


Series of Kangaroos and Koalas

Weather has been very hot here. I get up early and work until early afternoon. These tea cosies are my latest and will be available on my website.

The market was cancelled last week due to the heat.

Today I am finishing warping the loom.  David helped me wind on the warp and now I need to do the threading.  Lots of yarn has been spun from my own fleeces. I have a majestic silver grey, a chocolate and lots of white.  Some of the white I have dyed red, orange, ochre and gold.  Have lots of ideas so had better get to my threading.


apiecefullife said...

Lovely tea cosie! Cuppa soon?
Can't wait to see your weaving.

baukje said...

Lovely ! We have four hens and a rooster and at night they are closed up in their henhouse because of the foxes , in the morning they are free to go where they want!

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