Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Adventurous Chook

This chook (chicken) is an escapee.  Every morning after I have opened the door to the chook house and come inside our house she has been over the fence to freedom. All was fine until one night we were a little late locking up the chook house and  one chook was missing. I sadly thought that Mr Fox had come around early.

But Mrs Chook was fine.  She found a good hidy hole and settled in for the night.

David trimmed one wing and still she got out.

Here she is telling her friends how good it is out in the big wide world. Mrs Chook was climbing up this fence to get out, she wasn't flying over the fence at all. Now the fence has tree branches at the top so no more climbing over the top.

The goose prefers the big yard to himself


And Darwin, well he just enjoys any action!

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