Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Echidna is Back!!!

Darwin was barking at a bush!!!  Brie thought it may be a snake so very carefully investigated

No snake to be found.  Instead the echidna had returned.  Well I think he or she lives around here now.

Darwin ans Mopsy had to come inside and be quiet.  Within about 20 minutes the echidna was all brave again and wandered off.  Thanks for your quick thinking and the photos Brie.

And I promised photos of Darwin swimming in the creek. So here he is having a look around.

Each day Darwin likes to swim in the creek or the dam.  Mopsy likes to walk but is not so keen on the swimming.

Darwin's life has not been dull after the echidna left for a more secluded home.  Cows and calves have moved into the paddock opposite to eat down the grass.  One cow gets out at least once each day much to Darwin's amusement.

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homeschooled said...

Wow that is amazing. Great photo!

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