Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Few of My Friends

 I just love my "hair do"  As soon as it gets to the length I like and my wool looks stylish she decides its time to shear us all.  You just ask the other girls how they feel about having the right look!!

I have grown so much wool this year she will be happy with my fleece.

I have the best fleece of all.  Well that's what I'm saying.  And she can't have it to spin until this weather improves.

I'm bored.  Let me out into the paddock again.

I hope to get shearing organised in the next month.


homeschooled said...

Is that me, the first one?
And you've got that "you might also like" back?

baukje said...

Oh, they are so gorgeous!!!!!

colleen said...

My sheep have been shorn thank goodness. Now have to watch for flies if weather becomes humid after this rain.

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