Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stella's New Winter Coat

Every year I make Stella a new coat.  This year I was trying to think of a theme.   I had some of this delightful bird fabric from Bloom which gave me an idea. This bird fabric is a very soft knitted fabric.

I sewed a strip of the bird fabric along the side of the coat.  I then cut out felt birds and sewed them on adding button eyes.

I use a woven ready made sheep coat with a few alterations.  The edges of the fabric are a bit rough along slits for the legs so I have bound them with a soft plush fabric.  I hope the sewing machine is OK as the coat fabric is tough to sew.
Stella was not obliging when I wanted her to pose for the yearly "New Coat" photo.  This is a size 3 coat.  The larger size is too loose.  As the wool grows the gusset at the neck can be let out.

I plan to coat more of the sheep next week.  I will add a bird or 2 to their coats but Stella is the Princess.


busygnomes said...

Love it, stella is one lucky sheep, with this weather, I bet she's grateful.

baukje said...

So lovely!!!

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