Monday, March 7, 2011

The Special Day

The weather in Bendigo was perfect for Anna and Taffy's wedding on Saturday.  The bride looked radiant and the groom very handsome.  The bride arrived late to the cathedral, in fact quite late. I think Taffy became nervous after 15 minutes had passed and the Priest decided to sit down.

The sunlight filtering through the windows in the late afternoon gave a warm glow.

The groom and groomsmen arrived in 2 these cars.   My heart sank when I noticed Taffy was wearing brown shoes and worse still Lachlan who was Best man had white runners.  What were they thinking wearing these shoes with black suits.  I was informed that you can't wear ordinary shoes when driving these cars.  Mothers don't know everything I guess.  I'm glad the bride was not expected to travel to the reception in the sports car.  Mind you for a moment I thought the bride and groom may be travelling to the reception in separate cars!!  Taffy was very attached to this car.

These are the pew bows I made. 

The flower centre piece on the tables at the reception. 

The "Cake Topper" arrived with the happy couple both with brown hair.  I was asked to paint the bride's hair blonde!!  I offered to help with anything and this was one of the more unusual jobs.

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baukje said...

Lovely pictures, the bride looks great in her beautiful dress.

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