Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Car

My car is not new but it is the newest old car I have ever owned.

Today we are having words, serious words.

Car belonged to my son (son has moved on in the car dept).  Car came to me with a new engine and never has there been an ounce of trouble.  We speak kindly to each other when ever we go out together.

That is, except for today.  Today of all days.

So car your choice of day to stop was bad, bad, bad
Timing - You knew it was the worst time.
Place - So scary with a huge truck nibbling the tow bar.

And then you won't tell me what is wrong.  I am being asked all sorts of mechanical questions and you know I am a mechanical idiot.  And then 2 hours later after I have managed to get Japanese Farmstay students and large cases to airport bus by other means   -   you decide you will start and want to go home.

But car you haven't tricked me - Son knows more about you than he let on previously and some new parts are on their way.  And you need to behave if you want your photo on my blog!!


Darwinstorm said...

Naughty car! Hope it doesn't need too much fixing.

baukje said...

Good luck at the market...

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