Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bruce Mathiske Live at Learmonth

A couple of weeks ago we went to a Bruce Mathiske concert at the Learmonth Arts Hall.  For many years we have enjoyed Bruce's  music.  The location for this concert was fabulous.  We enjoyed a coffee at the Cafe 321 next door before the show.

The entrance to the hall was decorated with a plastic bucket of plastic flowers!!  The hall area was separated from the other spaces with filmy panels hanging from the ceiling.  Artworks were hanging on the walls around the hall.

Seating was a choice of a kitchen chair - you could choose from many styles of kitchen chair, some even swivel.  Or for the early birds like us we managed to sit on one of the few couches draped in velvet - had a feeling the velvet was recycled curtains.  And for the real 70's touch there were candles in bottles and tables with red table cloths.

The stage with colourful backdrop.

   Bruce playing his guitar.

CD cover for Bruce's "Rhythm Hunter"

1 comment:

planettreasures said...

I'm a big fan of Bruce as well. He is such a nice person too, and so encouraging to young musicians - my son is also a fan!
Looks like a lovely venue.

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