Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Morning in the Farm Yard

This morning has been a time to meander.  The dogs and I went walking.  At a distance we looked at the cats.  There was a lot of tugging on the leads but cats must have felt safe.

Daisy and Rufus were waiting for some morning sun.  Daisy is very old.  In fact very, very old. Each morning unless it is raining she spends a couple of hours outside.  Rufus is a very gentle being - unless you leave the door open and he turns into a rocket.

These two innocent looking sheep scared the goose this morning.  Goosie was afraid to come out of his yard.  Normally goosie is hissing his lungs out at me.  I put the sheep out in the big paddock to make peace.  Wouldn't want to destroy goosie's weekend would we?

As we walked down the paddock I could hear a cracking noise in the hawthorn trees.  And who should it be but the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo.  Two of them were having a feast on the hawthorn berries.  I stood and watched for a while.  The cockatoos broke off a small twig with berries - this was the cracking sound

Much easier to eat without bending over.  Quite civilised really.
I have a feeling these birds may be too full to fly if they don't stop eating soon.  The birds were not afraid of me and the dogs, they just let out a few screeches and then continued eating.

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