Friday, December 18, 2009

The Electric Car a Year On

This is the electric car in action again at Victoria University in Werribee. T and fellow students built the car at RMIT last year. T was invited to drive the car again this year so David and I packed lunch and went to Werribee for the day.
T seemed very pleased to meet up with the green machine again. The car is very quiet on the track. I took photos of the car on the track but my camera isn't quite up to such action.

These are the Lal Lal Falls not far from Ballarat. Last week we enjoyed the company of 2 Japanese students for a farmstay. This is a very small farm but we can always find plenty to do. As well as doing farm things we went to Lal Lal Falls for a walk and a BBQ. The students seemed to have a good time and loved the food I cooked - and that really pleased me.
I will be working late tonight. I have 8 ply yarn to wind into hanks as I have to dye the yarn tomorrow. All day I have found other work to do. Haven't been wasting time as I have been making tea cosies and egg cosies for the market. Also went and signed up for the local gym at the Community Health Centre.
So off to the hanking machine.


jenny said...

Thats fantastic and amazing scenary. I would like to do travel more as possible in new year,.. I have planned too like this. Thanks...for beautiful post.

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Anonymous said...

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