Friday, June 26, 2009

Mopsy in the collar

Mopsy had a trip to the vet and ended up having to wear an Elizabethan collar for a week. She coped well but David had to make a verandah on her kennel. It took Mopsy the full week to work out she could back into her kennel.
I make many knitted felted hats so decided to have a go at making a beret. This is the funny pumpkin shape so far but hope the pumpkin will turn into a beret after next lot of felting.

Now that David is home from hospital I am back to spinning my yarn called Curly Fleece. Sometimes I find an extra special fleece and its like spinning clouds. Today I have been dyeing Pencil yarn for a customer and Curly Fleece yarn for the market.
Tomorrow will be a busy day finishing felted hats, labelling yarn, packing for the market and also Jane, Mopsy's breeder is calling in.

1 comment:

Jacey said...

OMG, is Darwin a wirehaired griffen? My sweet dog, bettina, was one. they are such sweet dogs. I miss her so much.

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