Friday, March 13, 2009

Colourful Week

Colour has been the go this week. I have dyed yarn to get supplies ready for the Farm Studio. Today has been brilliant for drying the yarn. I have been able to put yarn on the drying racks on the verandah and later collect yarn and plait into hanks. I like to get the process finished in the one day if I can.

Vegie garden is all ready for planting. I planted a few seedlings last week and have more to plant this evening after I finish work. Looks like rain may be on the way.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,

I hope that some of that delicious produce will find its way to the Sunday Market! I love your pictures of your fab new colous and of course your sheep,


AnnaOlivia said...

Dear Sue
Hello from Connecticut, USA! Just sending a thankyou for the wonderful wool you gave to Mum and all the help in knitting such a pretty 'American Girl Doll' cardigan for Violet (Anna's doll)! It was a perfect fit. Your wool is beautiful and so soft. I see from your website that you have such glorious colours too. Anna has a share on the cardigan and wool this week!

Warm wishes(on this chilly New England Day)
Donna Smith & the SmithBurnett family

Stasia said...

Oh, such beautiful yarns! I think you should set up a steeplechase course for the sheep. :)

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