Friday, October 10, 2008

Tea Cosies and the Yoghurt Cake

This morning I made a delicious yoghurt cake using cinnamon and honey yoghurt. I iced the cake with chocolate icing I made using 79%cocoa chocolate then topped with coconut. The only messy thing about this cake is that you beat the egg whites separately. Now I have my magical new mixer in a fabulous green I only have one mixing bowl. A second bowl is rather expensive but I might put it on my Christmas list.

This tea cosy came off the needles one day and had a new home the next. I have another cosy in this pattern on the needles now - in pink and green . I am making a larger size this time and have some ideas for finishing the top.

1 comment:

busygnomes said...

The cake looks yum, I would love that recipe, That goose of yours sure is a trick, I'm sure it will out live all of you, the noisy ones always do. LOVE your teacosy's.

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